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Crafting Made Simple

Tanya Elcock

Posted on September 01 2015


First off, thank you so much for stopping in! I know that in the crazy life cycle that spins, sometimes finding a moment to just let your mind actually explore the topics you really enjoy can be difficult. Does this sound a lot like you: 

  • wake up early, 
  • hit the snooze button, 
  • wake up in a panic because now you're late,
  •  feed the kids, 
  • chauffeur the kids to school, 
  • PTA/PTO meetings, 
  • put your professional hat on for a few hours, 
  • fight traffic to get home on time to take the kids to practice, 
  • get dinner on the table, 
  • a few loads of laundry, 
  • pack lunches
  • set the alarm and ride the crazy train again tomorrow! 

Yeah, that's my crazy life too! So when I'm in need of me time, I lock my door and get my hands dirty . .. .crafting that is! I love using the wonderful products from our A & A Worldwide store. But I also love finding new ideas and products elsewhere to blend into my crafts, decor, and parties. My goal here is to provide you with some fantastic ideas on how to bring a bit more creative detail into your life - quickly and easily! Because let's face it - there's only so many times we can hit the snooze button. So come on ladies . . . Let's Do This!


Below are the free printables that we've created just for you - all lined up for easy access!


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