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Reindeer Poop

Tanya Elcock

Posted on December 06 2015

Um . . . someone's been naughty! My husband loves the whole concept of Festivus Day and all the little similar parody's that the Christmas season brings. One year, he even went so far as to buy a Festivus pole and had coordinated the Festivus dinner for his sister so that they could begin the airing of grievances. No, I'm not kidding! Thankfully, she was amused by his display of affection and it was all taken light-heartedly. While purchasing and setting up a pole and coordinating a whole dinner is a bit much, a simpler parody is the Reindeer Poop for those on the naughty list, which goes like this:

"I heard you've been naughty, so here's the scoop, you're getting nothin' but Reindeer Poop!"


Basically, you leave a treat such as chocolate covered malt balls, or chocolate covered almonds with the gift tag to those that made it to Santa's naughty list.

I used  A & A Worldwide's Party Favor bags, in Gold Foil Polka-dots and fill them with chocolate covered malt balls with marshmallows. After placing the candy inside the bag, I folded the top of the bag over. Then, using a hole puncher, I punched two holes at the top of the bag. 

I also used green ribbon to tie the bag closed and secure the gift tag on the bag. 

I've even created a FREE PRINTABLE Reindeer Poop gift tag to seal the deal. It's best to print it on white card stock. If you're really in a craft mood, you can even use a bit of dressing ink to make it appear more vintage.


This project was so easy that you can enlist your kids to help out. It was so fun passing these out to family and friends. They really did get a kick out of the gift tags and the thought that they were on Santa's Naughty list. Thankfully, we passed them out early enough in December that some of our family and friends were able to make up for their naughty behavior and get back on Santa's good list before it was Christmas!


We'd love to see your pictures of how our crafts turned out for you. Post them to Pinterest with #CraftingMadeSimple!


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