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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Tanya Elcock

Posted on November 22 2015

Thanksgiving is the time of year where we reflect on all the blessings of the year we have received. There are many ways to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving; from hostess gifts to care packages for our troops - our gift tags compliment any gift of gratitude you will deliver this holiday season. This is a kid and teen friendly craft with simple steps below to follow to create a basic tag. Then let your imagination run wild and Stamp It Up! 


1. Print out a copy of our Thanksgiving Gift Tag on cardstock color of your choice (I selected an orangish-brown color to keep with the Thanksgiving theme).

TIP: Use letter sized (8.5" x 11") cardstock paper. 


2. Have on hand ribbon of your choice, distressing ink pen or pad, a hole puncher, and paper scissors. 

TIP: If you are cutting ribbon to size, be sure to use a different scissor. You never want to cut paper and ribbon with the same pair of scissors. Have a paper cutting scissor and ribbon cutting scissors. 


3. Cut the tags out using your paper cutting scissors.

TIP: You can also use a paper trimmer to quickly cut out three columns of tags. It makes it easier to gain access to the individual tag for a more precise cut. Also, don't cut to close to the tag line. Leave just a little bit of edge so that the tag line still shows.


4. Using the hole puncher, punch a hole near the top of the tag.


5. Using the Distressing Ink Pad, glide the edge of the tag along the ink pad to add a bit more distress, if desired.


6. Tie your ribbon through the hole.


7. Make your homemade "Bailey's Irish Cream" and pour into a small glass bottle. Decorate with the tag and other embellishments to create a classic hostess gift.


You can use these tags to decorate your small glass bottles. This craft makes the perfect gift to deliver to hostesses, family, and friends. Checkout our recipe for "Bailey's Irish Cream" recipe in our next blog.

 Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to craft with us!


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