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Custom Print - Party Favor Bags

Tanya Elcock

Posted on March 27 2016

A & A Worldwide has such a great collection of party and home decor offered at affordable prices, especially our Party Favor Bags. What's even better is that you can fully customize your party favor bags with quotes to match your party theme, all with just a few simple steps. These steps are for iMac’s running MS Word. The steps are fairly similar for a PC running MS Word, so you should still be able to follow along.


1. Gather the following supplies:

  • A & A Worldwide Party Favor Bags
  • Cardstock to insert inside the bags and to use for print tests
  • Turn on the Ink Jet Printer
  • Turn on your fabulous computer and open the program of your choice (e.g., Word, Pages, or Photoshop)
  • Use the fonts associated with your program or you can download free fonts at places like or For those with an iMac or Mac Notebook, be sure that Word, Pages, or Photoshop are closed before installing the font. In order to download the fonts to your program click on the Download Folder, then double click the font .ttf file. Font Book will open.  Click Install Font. Or, if you’re the boss, you can create your own font in Photoshop! Whatever you choose just have fun with it. 

2. Depending on which bag you’ve chosen, measure it to make sure you will set up the correct print settings. The one pictured is A & A Worldwide’s Chevron Paper Party Favor Bags in yellow. 



3. Click File>Page Setup.


4. Click Paper Size.

5. Click Manage Custom Sizes. You might have to click the plus sign if this is your first time setting up a custom print size. Then fill in the paper size according to your measurements. I also recommend inputting the printable area margins as 0.25” all around. Then click Ok.


6. Type up your font. It’s best to use the photography rule of thirds when printing a project like this. You’ll get better results if you layout the font either a 1/3 from the top or bottom. In this case, I’m placing the font a 1/3 way from the top of the lower lip of the party favor bag. To do so in Word, use the Text Box feature. You’ll have more control over where you place the font to get the exact placement you want. Keep the Text Box positioned in front of text.

7. Now it’s time to get printing! You’ll need to do a couple of test runs to see exactly how to setup your paper for your particular printer. I would recommend cutting a few more card stock papers cut to the size of the party favor bag you’ve selected. Run it through the printer until you figure out just how to place the party favor bag to get the font not the right side and facing the position you desire. 



8. You might also have to turn the font upside down if that’s the only way your printer will place the font where you want it. 

9.  When you are ready to either test print or final print, cut a piece of card stock to fit inside of the bag. Then insert the card stock into the bag. 

10. When you are ready to run a final print, click File>Print>Copies & Pages.


11. Click Media Quality

12. In the Media Type field, click Heavy Weight Paper.


And viola! You have yourself a custom printed Party Favor Bag! Happy printing friends :)



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