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We've Been Boo'd

Tanya Elcock

Posted on August 21 2016

The air is cooling and it's time for fall, soon Halloween will be coming to all. Little spooks are bored with nothing to do, and it looks like they are dying to BOO the socks off of you! So gather some treats and brew some stew, it's time to go haunt the streets with wicked goodies that can't be beat.

Every year my children send out two gift baskets to unsuspecting friends. This year, I used these awesome popcorn treat boxesglass containers, and goodie bags as part of the You've Been Boo'd basket.

Having fun with my Cricut, I made a goodie bag topper and sticker to label the goodie bag as Mummified Corn! I filled the goodie bags with chocolate chip cookies and sealed the bag with the Mummified Corn label.

 I also printed out Halloween embellishments on vinyl to decorate the glass bottles with. 

To top off the glass bottles, I found metal skull embellishments at my local craft store and hot glued them to the top of the skeleton glass bottles that I made. I finished off the the look by hot gluing Halloween ribbon at the neck bottle. You could also use Halloween Washi tape. Finally, I filled the bottles up with orange soda and root beer for a black and orange Halloween effect.

I also made a Ghost card from my Cricut so that I could place the FREE PRINTABLES "You've Been Boo'd" Instruction Sheet and "We've Been Boo'd" Sign inside the card. You can also add a ribbon to the back of the Ghost card to hang off of the door knob. It makes for a nice touch that tops off the look.


Once I was done adding the Mummified Popcorn, soda filled bottles, and cookie good bags to the basket, we hand delivered them to my kid's friends in the neighborhood. I can't wait to see how many signs go up this year by the time Halloween comes around

I had so much fun again this year putting together a new We've Been Boo'd/You've Been Boo'd basket. Don't forget that you can download the FREE PRINTABLES to save some time on this project:

Have fun ghosting through your neighborhood this Halloween!


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