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Crafting Made Simple

  • Love is Sweet

    Tanya Elcock

    Posted on January 15 2016

    Love is Sweet
    Nothing says "I love you" more than a minty fresh homemade Valentine's Day Gift. Give y...
  • Mistle Toes

    Tanya Elcock

    Posted on December 17 2015

    Mistle Toes
    I love the Christmas season . . . everything from celebrating our Savior's birth to the...
  • Grinch Popcorn

    Tanya Elcock

    Posted on December 13 2015

    Grinch Popcorn
    The Grinch is one of the classic Christmas movies that my children love to watch every ...
  • Reindeer Poop

    Tanya Elcock

    Posted on December 06 2015

    Reindeer Poop
    Um . . . someone's been naughty! My husband loves the whole concept of Festivus Day and...
  • Santa's Note

    Tanya Elcock

    Posted on December 01 2015

    Santa's Note
    My son's favorite Christmas movie by far is The Polar Express. What makes it a bit more...