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About us

Welcome to A & A Worldwide, where you can bring home timeless accents that protect your homemade sauces and essential oils. We offer high quality glass bottles and Boston round bottles made available at affordable prices.

A & A Worldwide is a women’s small business that is dedicated to providing the best products and service to our customers by ensuring:

  • We develop business relationships with U.S. manufacturers to ensure that the products we sell are offered at a competitive prices,
  • We listen to our customer’s cares, needs, and wants and deliver on them, and
  • We develop business relationships with and support other women's businesses.

A & A Worldwide currently sells Glass Bottles and Amber and Cobalt Blue Boston Round Bottles that offer a timeless accent to your home. We are constantly researching products that meet our high quality standards so we can accommodate our customer's kitchen, craft, and home product needs.  As always, we invite our customers to keep us informed of their favorite kitchen, craft, and home products. And don't forget to follow us on Pinterest and sign up for our newsletter for the latest tips, recipes, and more!