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Blue Boston Round Bottles for Essential Oils and Liquids with Black Rubber Bulb Glass Droppers, 1 oz, Pack of 12

$ 13.25

A & A Worldwide's Boston Round Bottles are perfect for storing oils and liquids that are sensitive to degradation from light. You can rest assure with our bottles that your product will maintain it's optimal condition. The dropper and bulb can easily be taken apart for quick clean up. These bottles can be labeled for easy personalized product identification.




 1 ounce/30mL


3.08"H x 1.299"D bottle with dropper


2.375”L dropper with bulb

Neck Finish:




  • Food Contact Acceptable
  • Made of Recyclable Material
  • Highest quality amber glass
  • Provides optimum UV protection for light sensitive contents
  • High Tolerance for chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistant bottle
  • High resistance to heat and cold
  • Leak-proof dropper with bulb
  • Dropper doesn’t touch bottom of bottle
  • Ribbed skirt, straight glass dropper with bulb



Storage container for, but not limited to:

  • Essential Oils
  • Beard Oils
  • Food Coloring
  • e-Liquids
  • Herbal tinctures